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Help and support with administrative obligations, the AAP and GPP, and assistance with the CPPW

  • Do you need help with welfare legislation and the associated administration?
  • Do you need assistance and support as an advisor for the CPPW?
  • Want to leave the preparation of your AAP and GPP to professionals?
  • Do you need guidance in drawing up an occupational accident report?

SOVE will be pleased to be your partner in all this. We are well versed in these matters, and have a great deal of experience with the complete monitoring of welfare legislation.

Concrete follow-up of welfare legislation

We closely follow the welfare legislation. We are aware when changes happen, and we ensure that you are also in line with changes in the law. We regularly attend refresher courses, and assist you in correctly applying welfare legislation.

Streamlining the administrative obligations regarding prevention and well-being

We help you to deal with the administrative hassle of prevention and well-being. Many documents have to be followed up and completed each year. You must also prepare an AAP every year (see below) and a GPP every five years. We keep all these documents and other necessary documents up-to-date for you, and you can also consult them digitally via our own digital management system.

Assistance for the Prevention and Protection at Work Committee

If your company has 50 or more employees, you are legally obliged to set up a Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work (CPPW). This committee consists of trade union representatives and representatives of the employer.

The prevention advisor is usually appointed as the secretary. An external representative – for example the company doctor of the external service for Prevention and Protection at Work – can also attend this meeting. We will provide support and guidance where necessary.

Drawing up your global prevention plan (GPP)

The global prevention plan flows from the risk analysis and the dynamic risk management system. This GPP then prescribes how the risks must be addressed and managed, and which prevention measures should be taken in your company for the next 5 years. SOVE will assist you in setting up the GPP.

Determining the annual action plan (APP)

On the basis of the dynamic risk management system (DRMS) and the global prevention plan (GPP), we then also draw up a concrete annual action plan (AAP) for your company. In this plan, we describe the concrete action points that will be tackled in your company in the coming year in order to reduce or eliminate risks as much as possible, and thereby guarantee safety.

Reporting an occupational accident

As an employer, you do everything possible to avoid occupational accidents. Nevertheless, an occupational accident may occur. Is it an occupational accident that requires medical assistance from a doctor? You are obliged to report this to your occupational accident insurance.

The investigation of a serious occupational accident must be carried out by the external service for prevention and protection at work. SOVE can assist the internal prevention adviser and the hierarchical line in this regard.

Measurements and strategy regarding occupational hygiene and ergonomics

Occupational hygiene can involve all kinds of physical, chemical and biological risk factors. We ensure that these risks are identified, such as, for example, possible exposure to harmful substances. We supervise the necessary measurements and draw up measures to best control and prevent all these risks.

Need help setting up your health care system for prevention and well-being?
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