Specialisations with regard to energy and the environment

Tailored guidance in challenging times

  • Does your company experience problems with environmental regulations?
  • Have you had an audit showing that you are not in compliance with environmental legislation?
  • Do you want guidance in the field of environment and prevention for the take-over of your company, or are you taking over another company yourself?

We will help your company professionally and discreetly.

Building up the appropriate communication strategy

  • What is the best way to communicate with the various government services in case of problems?
  • How can you raise certain issues internally?
  • How do you communicate with the stakeholders and the trade unions?

If you are not experienced with these issues, this can be quite a challenge. We will guide you in this and – in consultation – can develop an appropriate communication strategy. With our experience with these issues, we know the tricks of the trade and how best to tackle them. We can also provide you with full legal support through our network.

Due diligence

In the event of a merger or acquisition, you’ll want to know where you stand. What prevention and environmental risks does the company in question face? Are the welfare and environmental legislation fully complied with? We will prepare a complete and accurate report. We also make legal proposals to include certain clauses in the final contract in order to cover certain environmental risks.

Support with an EIA application

In certain situations – such as a permit application or when drawing up a spatial plan – your company may be required to submit an EIA application, an EIA screening or an EIA exemption file. EIA stands for environmental impact report (in Dutch: MER). In a report of this kind, the impact on the environment is examined, more specifically on aspects such as air, soil, water, noise, landscape, nature and the nuisance that can arise from this.

Count on our EIA experience

EIA and impact studies are drawn up via the network. We support and collect all the information, drawings and relevant studies.

An additional branch in Brussels or Wallonia? The environmental legislation is different from that in Flanders!

Environmental legislation in Belgium is determined and regulated on a regional basis. This makes things slightly more complicated for Flemish companies that want to set up a branch in Wallonia. And foreign companies that want to set up a branch in Flanders, Wallonia or Brussels should also seek expert guidance in the field of the environment. At Sove, we are also well versed in the environmental legislation in Wallonia and Brussels, and we can help you with all the necessary permits, administration, approvals, etc.

Project management? SOVE is your partner!

Solid and efficient support for your entire project (in the field of the environment, energy, construction, safety coordination, etc.). Project management is approached in its entirety (spatial planning, construction, environment, etc.).

We are your reliable partner. With our experience in many different projects, you can rest assured that your project is in reliable hands. We provide guidance from A to Z, always practical and with a pragmatic application of the relevant legislation.

Need help with your communication with regard to environmental and welfare issues?
Submitting an EIA application? Due diligence?
Project management?
SOVE will help you quickly, cost-consciously and expertly.

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