Need safety support? SOVE provides it for you!

Temporary or permanent safety support for your company

  • Need a prevention advisor level 1, 2 or level 3?
  • Does your internal prevention advisor need help or support?
  • Do you want to train an employee to become an internal prevention advisor?
  • As someone starting as a prevention advisor, do you need the systematic support of an experienced veteran?
  • A sparring partner, or the critical eye of an external fellow prevention advisor?

At SOVE, you will find the appropriate prevention advisor to ensure that everything runs smoothly. In this way, you are in compliance with the legislation and can rest assured that your safety policy is in good hands.

When do you need a prevention advisor?

As an employer, you are obliged to set up an internal service for protection and prevention at work (ISPPW (in Dutch: IDBPW) as soon as you employ one employee. This service must have at least one prevention advisor. If you employ fewer than 20 employees, you, as a business manager, may take on the duties of the prevention advisor yourself.

You are, however, required to have a number of specialised tasks carried out by an external service for prevention and protection at work (ESPPW (in Dutch: EDBPW)). Just think of organisations such as Securex, Liantis, Idewe, etc.

Need a level 3 prevention advisor in your company?

Many smaller companies with less than 20 employees have more limited risks. You need a level 3 prevention advisor. As an employer, you can fulfil the tasks of the prevention advisor in your company yourself if you have sufficient basic knowledge of safety. Or you can outsource these tasks to a SOVE prevention consultant.

Why choose a SOVE prevention consultant?

  • Because it simply saves you a lot of time. We are proficient in safety and well-being.
  • If you have to perform these tasks yourself, it will cost you a lot of effort, and sometimes even sleepless nights. Because a government inspection is always possible.
  • Are you not up to date with the welfare legislation? Then you risk fines and prosecution.
  • And more importantly: by opting for prevention advice from Sove, you also opt for THE optimal safety and highest well-being of your employees. An extra trump to keep them healthy and happy. And to keep them on board.

Or do you need a prevention advisor level 1 or 2?

For larger companies with greater risks, a prevention advisor level 1 or 2 is needed. Just think of companies from the construction sector and the timber industry. SOVE can support these functions.

Why choose an external prevention consultant from SOVE?

We have a qualified team of prevention consultants, who can support your own prevention advisor or internal department. We can also assist you on a permanent basis with our expert, efficient knowledge and practical actions for a few days a week or month.

An efficient prevention policy benefits you as an employer

As an employer, you are required to implement an efficient prevention policy and a sound welfare policy. You must ensure that your employees can work in a healthy and safe environment. That benefits them, but also you as an employer. Amplyees who feel safe, are healthy and experience a sense of well-being at work are less often absent. They perform better and keep working for you. Your company will run better and more efficiently in this way.

What does a prevention advisor do?

A prevention advisor advises the employer and employees on everything related to the welfare policy. He provides advice on the application of welfare legislation in the company. Together with the hierarchical line, he thereby detects risks, and advises on preventive measures.

The advice from the prevention advisor can relate to the following different disciplines: occupational safety, psychosocial aspects, company hygiene, ergonomics and occupational medicine.

Setting up a dynamic risk management system

Together with the hierarchical line, a prevention advisor draws up a dynamic risk management system (DRMS). This system ensures that you systematically identify the risks, keep them as low as possible with appropriate measures and prevent employees from becoming ill or having accidents. Working together with the hierarchical line, the prevention advisor maps out the risks, advises you on how to manage those risks and, in consultation, elaborates the measures to limit and mitigate those risks.

Assistance in setting up a dynamic risk management system (DRMS)

Are you the prevention advisor in your company and do you want help with setting up a DRMS? We will guide you, or can set up the complete system for you. We draw up the global prevention plan (GPP) every five years. And we also draw up the annual action plan (AAP) every year in consultation with you, and make adjustments where necessary.

Do you need a prevention consultant?

Additional support for your internal prevention advisor?
SOVE will help you quickly, cost-consciously and expertly.

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