SOVE: experts in environmental and energy legislation

Need support with the follow-up and implementation of energy and environmental legislation?

  • Need support for your environmental administration?
  • Need some guidance on complex environmental issues with which your company is struggling?
  • Application for an environmental permit?
  • Guidance in obtaining an operating licence?
  • Supervision for emission measurements and soil investigation?

SOVE is happy to be your partner in all this. We are strong, experienced and skilled in everything related to compliance with environmental and energy legislation.

Continuous monitoring of the energy and environmental legislation

As experienced environmental consultants, we closely monitor the environmental and energy legislation and the many changes.

And we also regularly attend training courses on these matters.

We also provide (training) information sessions in this area.

In this way, we can always provide you with accurate advice on all your questions and issues regarding energy and environmental legislation.

Applying for an environmental permit? Obtaining an operating licence? Count on SOVE!

Do you need to regularise, renew or expand with additional activities and/or production increases and/or additional land plots? We are completely familiar with all possible environmental permits and all types of operating approvals.

Monitoring and maintaining environmental records

Administrative follow-up takes a lot of time. Many companies are confronted with compulsory environmental administration. Some employ someone internally for this, while others outsource it. We help both internal environmental coordinators and administrators to manage their environmental administration in the right way.

Tax problems: paying your environmental tax correctly!

If you process waste or discharge waste water, you must pay environmental taxes. You must indicate how much you process, incinerate or discharge, and you will pay a levy on this. It’s important for your company to do this correctly and to monitor it closely. If you don’t do this, you risk hefty fines.

At SOVE, we take complete care of this problem with levies. We ensure the organisation of the measurements, the administrative follow-up and the correct payment of the levies. That’s one worry less.


We supervise all your emissions (flue gases, waste water, soil, odour, noise, etc.). Count on our professional team, from your quotation to the final report.

Support with the follow-up and implementation of energy and environmental legislation?

SOVE will help you quickly and expertly.

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