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Prevention adviser

  1. We function as internal prevention adviser level II and III with temporary or permanent limited recruitment (half a day or one day a week per firm is legally possible)
  2. We offer support, training and coaching of internal prevention advisers

Security care systems

  1. Construction, support and coaching
  2. Internal trainings and sensitization
  3. Audits

Safety and welfare legislation

  1. Consultancy and follow-up concerning the compliance with the legislation
  2. Assistance for CPBW, drafting of GPP and JAP,…
  3. All welfare administration, all declarations concerning occupational accidents,…
  4. The support of labor environmentally measurements


  1. Professional and discrete supervision of firms in difficulties with internal and external communication (among other things difficulties with several authorities, due diligence concerning takeovers and reorganizations)
  2. Project management and supervision of security projects (among other things the lay-out of CE-file, ATEX,…)