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Environmental coordination

  1. We function as external environmental coordinators A + B
  2. We support internal environmental coordinators

Environmental and energy care systems

  1. Construction, support and coaching
  2. Internal courses and sensitisation
  3. Audits

Environmental and energy policy

  1. Consultancy and follow-up concerning the compliance with the legislation
  2. Application and follow-up of all classes of environmental permits and acknowledgements
  3. Support of prescribed emission measurements
  4. All environmental administration, tax problematic, …


  1. Professional and discrete support of firms in difficulties with internal and external communication (among other things difficulties with several authorities, due diligence concerning takeovers and reorganizations)
  2. Assistance with MER application dossiers and dispensation dossiers
  3. Application and monitoring of veterinary acknowledgements
  4. Environmental assistance and applications of permits for Flemish and Dutch firms in Wallonia
  5. Project management and assistance of environmental technis and projects (among other things the construction of fermentation plants, biofilter beds, ...)